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Jiaxing Waldo Brush Co., Ltd is a Chinese industry-leading designer and manufacturer of Custom industrial brushes and sweeper brushes, by manufacturing customs industrial strip brushes, brush seal, gutter brushes, roller brush, rotary brushes, power twisted in wire brushes, drill brushes, spiral brushes, cow brush, sweeper brushes and more since 2005. Waldo is the one-stop industrial and commercial resource for all the brushes requirements from our worldwide clients.

Our industrial brushes and sweeper brushes can be manufactured in an expansive range of sizes, different filament types, channels, and holders to meet various applications requirement.No matter what your industry or special productivity challenges- grinding, polishing, deburring, sanding, cleaning, sorting, finishing, sealing, sweeping, or protecting, we have been providing the right industrial brushes and OEM sweeper broom for meeting your needs and the replacement requirements in the past years.


Jiaxing Waldo Brush Co., Ltd


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